Speak-A-Message 5.2.0

16.7 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Speak-A-Message 5.0 (Windows Vista / 7) Speak-A-Message 5.0 (Windows Xp)

Voice messages are faster to create, more personal and more expressive. Speak-A-Message helps you to replace written text with your voice. Your voice reflects your personality and is quicker than your hand. Your friends like to hear it again and again. Speak-A-Message brings your voice to the computer, sends voice emails in a snap and provides many new and innovative features based on voice messages.

Most users of Speak-A-Message start with this feature: Voice emails can be created faster, are more informative, can capture emotion and are more personal. Record what you find important but is too cumbersome to write down. Diary entries, stories for the grand children, travel notes, etc.


  • Excellent audio compression: A 4-minute voice message requires only about 500kB
  • Recorded audio messages can also be played back on common media players
  • Add sound effects to your voice messages
  • Photo messages: Add voice comments to your digital photos!
  • Create slide shows with audio
  • Distribute your audio slide shows via email or via the web
  • NewConvert your photo shows into Flash movies (requires mp3)
  • Enter author and title for an audio message
  • Messages can be marked as private (playback should occur in private or with headphones)
  • Sends audio messages via your email client
  • Also works with browser-based email
  • Integrates into the menu of MS Outlook
  • User interface is fully skinnable; you can create your own skin from a picture in seconds
  • Attach skins to a voice message
  • Voice notes, voice comments and recordings of talks can be added to: MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents
  • Record messages using MP3 (requires MP3 codec)

System Requirements:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Windows Media Player Version 9 or up
  • PC or laptop with soundcard
  • Speaker or headset for playback
  • Microphone for recording


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