Registry Replace 1.2

Michael Reggio
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Registry Replace 1.2

This is a simple program used to do a quick Search or a Search and Replace of Strings in your Registry. I developed this for use at my work where I need to do Search and Replacing of Registry entries sometimes to fix PC’s.


  • Quick Search of Registry Keys
  • Quick Search and Replace of Registry Keys
  • Custom Selection of Registry Key Types for searches
  • Creation of Registry Undo files
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy Editing of found Registry Keys
  • Exporting Search Results to CSV or INF files
  • Open Microsoft’s RegEdit at found Registry Key locations
  • Connect to a remote machines Registry to perform Registry Replace functions
  • Enable Search and "Delete" for Registry Replace operation (if you want to be daring)
  • Auto Start and Auto Close (with Hiding of Window) for Automated Search and Replace operations (ie. Login scripts etc)
  • Backup/Restore of Registry Hives
  • Loading/Unloading of Backed up Hives to search/review


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