RegVac Registry Cleaner 5.02.00

RegVac Registry Cleaner – A Collection of Cleaners, Editors, and Tools for cleaning the Registry Speed up your Computer. Because your computer accesses the registry frequently, keeping it clean allows your computer to run faster and more efficiently.

Features of RegVac Registry Cleaner

Avoid Computer Crashes:
· Sloppy programmers exist in the most popular software companies. Their sloppiness puts your computer in danger of a crash. RegVac regularly cleans out their bugs.

Get your Registry Sparkling Clean:
· Besides the normal dirt that RegVac and other registry cleaners clean, there are thousands of dirt piles hiding which other registry cleaners don’t even attempt to get. You will find them in RegVac’s Stash Vac, OpenWith Editor, and AutoComplete Editor. If you want to do a complete job at cleaning your registry, RegVac is the tool to have.

Repair Windows and Applications:
· When something goes wrong in the registry, it can cause Windows and/or applications to mess up.


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