AbByte RemoteRun 1.6

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AbByte RemoteRun 1.6

The program is designed for executing commands on a remote systems. You can from your workstation to remotely start a process or run a script on a group of remote computers. This provides ample opportunity for the administration of a remote systems. Processes on a remote workstations can be run in interactive or in hidden mode.

You can remotely modify the registry keys, delete/add users, change passwords and access rights, create/delete/copy directories and files at once simultaneously on a group of network PCs in your local area network. By means of the program, you can remotely install and update software on all workstations in your network, install updates and service packs for operating systems.

Key features:

  • Install the Service Pack for the operating systems.
  • Install the patches, updates, hotfix.
  • Deployment of applications packaged in .msi format.
  • Modify a registry keys simultaneously on a group of computers.
  • Creating/ deleting /copying /moving files and directories.
  • Creating/deleting user accounts
  • Executing commands on a group of remote computers.
    • Start of programs on remote computers (.exe, .bat, .cmd).
    • Files associated to executables (.doc, .html, .txt, .wav).
    • Execution of scripts (.vbs, .js).



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