EMCO Remote Registry Merge 1.60

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EMCO Remote Registry Merge 1.60

A tool for remote registry management that can become an indispensible part of your administration toolkit. Using it you can export registry keys/values and apply changes to the registry on remote PCs. It allows you to modify required settings in registry remotely or replicate registry changes simultaneously to multiple PCs in the local network. This handy utility can reduce the amount of time you spend doing registry maintenance from days to minutes.

As everybody knows, Windows registry is a central storage of all system and application settings. If you need to change something in your system you just have two options: first – find the way how to do it using visual interface; second – make changes directly in the registry. Probably you already tried the second approach and know how powerful and time-saving it is. At the end, most system tuning and other tricks can be done only by modifying the registry, so it’s essential part of system administration.

Direct registry modification gives you a lot of abilities for system and applications tuning and customization, but from the other side, manual registry update on all PCs in your network can take a lot of time. EMCO Remote Registry Merge is able to resolve this problem and gives you possibility to make registry changes remotely and simultaneously on multiple PCs in the local network. Using it you can, for example update ODBC settings on all your desktops, change default browser, schedule application for execution at computer start or do any of thousands registry tricks that you can find in books and in the Internet.


  • Exporting the whole registry or a set of defined keys to a REG files from one or multiple remote PCs in the local network.
  • Importing and merging settings from a REG files to the registry on one or multiple remote PCs in the local network.
  • Support of all registry value types, including binary and multi-string types, in export, import and merge operations.
  • Execution of registry operations on any PCs in the local network where you have an administrative access. Ability to set specific credentials for selected workgroups and domains.
  • Simultaneous execution of export, import and merge operations on multiple PCs in the local network. Ability to export or change hundreds of thousands keys per minute.
  • Detailed logging that helps to control remote operations execution.


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