EMCO Remote Screenshot 2.11

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EMCO Remote Screenshot 2.11

EMCO Remote Screenshot is an intuitive tool allowing you to discreetly view the activity of a remote user on any desktop of your network easily. You can take screenshots of the remote machines on your network and save them to a file on your local computer. Application can be configured to automatically capture screenshots from the remote machines after a specified period of time and saving them to files in a variety of image formats.

Sometimes you need to have an access to remote PC in order to check what’s going on it. For example, you need to ensure that PC just works or to check that users follow organization policies and don’t use their desktops in inappropriate way. In many similar cases usage of standard Windows Remote Desktop is limited because of technical reasons, while utilizing or commercial remote desktop tools is too expensive.

EMCO Remote Screenshot was designed to be a cost-effective solution for cases when you need to have non-interactive access to remote PCs. Using this easy utility you can take screenshots silently and invisible for remote users from remote PCs either in manual or automatic mode to improve security or your system and prevent inappropriate activity.

Key Features:

  • Screenshots capture from any remote desktop in the local network with immediate on-screen preview.
  • Stealth and invisible screenshot capture mechanism. Remote user can’t detect the fact that his desktop is observed.
  • Optimized data-transfer mechanism. Screenshots capture and transmission takes just a split second.
  • Two modes of operation: screenshot taking by pressing a button or automatic capture process after a specified interval.
  • Getting full-sized screenshots with maximum resolution and captured mouse pointer.
  • Automatic archiving of captured screenshots on the hard disk as JPEG files with customized compression.
  • No specific requirements. To take a remote screenshots you just need to have an administrative access to remote PCs.


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