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Remote Deployment Kit 4.1

Integrated remote deployment tool for one-click software distribution across the local network. It helps you to make remote software deployment by replicating changes, performed by any application installation or uninstallation, across the network. Detected file system and registry changes can be automatically transformed to installation package, ready for remote deployment. Deployment process is silent and clientless, and it doesn’t require any configuration of remote PCs. 

The main goal of EMCO Remote Deployment is automation of software management and reducing efforts required for applications installation, uninstallation and update. In general, it gives you three main benefits. First – you can make remote unattended deployment without physical visiting of each PC. Second – installation process is fully automatic, so you just need to press a button to install even large and complex application. Third – you can make mass remote software deployment on multiple PCs in the local network in parallel.

As the result, you can make software deployment much faster and easier than before. Moreover, you can centrally manage software installed across network by installing, uninstalling or updating applications when it is required directly from you work place.

Simple concept that doesn’t require any special knowledge and easy-to-use interface are main benefits of EMCO Remote Deployment. All functions for installation package preparations and remote deployment are combined in one tool with simple intuitive interface.


  • Simplify Software Management and Make One-Click Software Distribution: Applications installation, uninstallation and update are usual tasks for system administrators who manage software across the company or organization. They can take a lot of time if you need to repeat the same installation or uninstallation operation multiple times on different PCs. In the most cases during installation you select same options each time, but you need to repeat the same procedure on multiple computers. EMCO Remote Deployment can save you from such routine tasks – it allows you to capture changes performed by installation or uninstallation process and replicate changes to selected PCs in automatic mode. It significantly reduces required time and efforts, so you can distribute software and updates much easier and faster than before.
  • Distribute Any Installation, Uninstallation or Update Remotely: Most of existing installations and uninstallations aren’t ready for remote mass deployment, because of two reasons. First – they have interactive setup wizard where users need to select options. Second – they are not compatible with remote deployment tools. EMCO Remote Deployment helps you to make them no-interactive and ready for remote deployment with no efforts from your side. You only need to let application take a file system and registry snapshot, then execute original installation or uninstallation process and finally take another snapshot after installation. EMCO Remote Deployment can automatically detect changes and prepare deployment package that is ready for automatic mass deployment to remote PCs. Using this approach you can convert any installation, uninstallation or update to the format, which is suitable for remote deployment.
  • Use Easy Remote Deployment Solution and Save on Learning: Do you think thinking that remote deployment is very complex task that requires a special training and lot of knowledge and experience? For most deployment tools it’s a true – even after long and expensive training you can feel uncomfortable when you need to make real-life remote installation. But EMCO Remote Deployment is different. It’s focused only on remote deployment tasks, so it’s not overloaded by hundreds options, programming structures and other stuff, than can confuse you. Instead it provides completely visual, simple interface required for performing deployment tasks, clear even for non-technical people. It requires only 5 minutes for self-learning to be prepared for the first real-life deployment task.
  • Have All Required Features in the One Application: You may know that integration problems are one of most frequently occurring for system administration. They can happen, for example, when the package for remote deployment was prepared by one application and installed by another, especially if they come from different vendors. But using EMCO Remote Deployment you will never face such kind of problems, because it’s a fully integrated solution that covers all deployment stages – from package preparation to its remote installation. In addition to benefiting from better stability of such integrated solution you can also save a lot of costs, because you need to purchase only one, specialized product.
  • Perform Remote Software Installation According With a Schedule: In many cases it’s not enough to launch a remote installation interactively from the application interface. Sometimes you need to execute deployment tasks automatically, according with a schedule. To make it possible, EMCO Remote Deployment has a special command-line interface that allows executing main application actions through command-line, from batch files and schedules. It also has special options for integration with the Windows Task Scheduler in order to put remote deployment tasks to Windows schedule for execution at defined time. 


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