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Remote Office Manager 4.1

Remote Office Manager is a program for administering and controlling computers remotely in local area networks and wide area networks. It allows you to remotely access the computer desktop in real time. You see the remote computer screen in a resizable window and can control the remote computer with your mouse and keyboard. ROM is compatible with Windows 7.

Remote Office Manager (ROM) provides fast, safe and comfortable access to remote computers and supports LAN and WAN (Internet) connections. Besides mouse and keyboard control, ROM offers a number of other tools useful for a system administrator, for example, file transfer, a task manager, remote launch, capturing sound from the remote computer and much more.

Despite its multiple features, Remote Office Manager uses minimum memory, saves CPU resources and can also be configured to run in low bandwidth networks (via EDGE, GPRS) due to its features of running in the so-called saving mode. All data sent over the network are compressed and encrypted.


  • Complete compatibility with Windows 7.
  • High performance in both local area and low bandwidth networks.
  • A lot of features – file transfer, task manager, device manager, Wake On LAN and much more.
  • Remote installation. There are several types of remote installation available, including installation in a domain, using a group policy and MSI.
  • Multi-monitor system support. If the remote computer has several monitors, ROM allows you to view or control them simultaneously in one window or switch to the necessary monitor.
  • Security. All data is encrypted with the help of up-to-date technologies and public key protocols (RSA with a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key).
  • Network map. It allows you to arrange computers on the network map showing their actual topological location.
  • Configuring the program for running in case of a complicated network topology due to such features as "Connect through" and "Callback connection".
  • ROM is deeply integrated with the drag-and-drop mechanism of the system. You can drag and drop files and folders directly onto the remote screen window and from it, which makes working with files as easy as possible. The file transfer mode also completely supports this mechanism.
  • Capturing sound from the remote computer.
  • Supporting an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.
  • Free technical support.


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