Remote Support System 1.7.2

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Remote Support System 1.7.2

Remote Support System lets you support your customers even if they are behind firewalls and routers.    With RSS you can transfer files, chat, re-boot & auto-reconnect and remotely control their PC in real-time without pre-installing software or any network changes on their side. You can even reboot the remote computer into "Safe Mode".


  • Super small client download (as little as 290 KB).
  • No 3rd party servers, you own all the required software.
  • Robust Auto-Reconnect feature calls you back AutoMagically™ in case of internet failure.
  • Collects client contact information (for billing).
  • Tracks session time, even across multiple reboots and displays timer in the top-center of the client’s display.  No guess work on how long you spent working.
  • Auto-generates an invoice for the session and emails it back to you and, or the client upon completion. New in version 1.4, the ability to completely customize your invoice and accept credit cards as payment.
  • You can logon/logoff the remote user and maintain your connection.
  • You can reboot the remote PC with auto-reconnect before login screen.
  • Reboot remote Windows 2K/XP into SAFEMODE with auto-reconnect.
  • Remove remote users desktop icons and desktop background to improve performace of remote connection.
  • Has a custom toolbox that allows you to create self-extracting tools, that will auto-download and execute with a single click on the remote PC.  Great for virus removal or system diagnostic tools.
  • Easy Client Distribution Setup wizard that makes changing your EXE file easy.  Change destination addresses, and other options all with a point and click.  No coding experience required.
  • Once the session is complete client executable completely removes all files and programs from the client’s pc, so they can breath easy and trust there are no "back doors."
  • For repeat customers, you can make a request to clients running the listener component for a session.  The client will then contact you automatically and hand over control.  All with no open ports that could be hacked.  Great for customers you deal with on a daily basis.
  • You can Draw on the remote client’s screen for illustration.
  • Page the remote client back to the PC with the attention bell. Great for those passwords they forgot to mention.
  • Rolling PIN security code can be added to client so customers must contact you before connecting.
  • Video Boost mode, allows for enhanced performance, lowered CPU usage, and viewing of remote video cameras.
  • RSS Tool Builder can turn most of the programs you love, into tools that can be used on the remote client’s PC durning a session.


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