RemotelyAnywhere 9.1.1016

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Fast, secure system administration FROM ANYWHERE. RemotelyAnywhere 9 offers industry leading security and performance for remote administration. Join the thousands of companies that trust RemotelyAnywhere for ensuring total access to the systems they manage. Workstation Edition helps system administrators keep IT systems up and computer users happy by offering the industry’s richest remote-support toolkit. Support staff can often detect, diagnose, and solve problems faster than local support using built-in operating system functions. Background access means the user need not be interrupted during the implementation of solutions.

Server Edition provides real-time performance, connection, hardware and registry information so you know exactly what’s going on and when. This gives you access to the nuts and bolts of your system so that you can perform the diagnostic tests you need in order to keep your servers running smoothly.


* Dashboard » Provides a snapshot view of a remote computer’s system activity

* Guest Invite » Lets you share a PC’s desktop for enhanced collaboration, training, and support

* Public Key improvements » A new centralized interface to help better manage RemotelyAnywhere* ‘s use of SSH Public Key authentication keys.

* Remote Control » Fast, secure remote control of your host computers desktop and system resources.

* File Transfer » Secure and easy file transfer between your local and host computers.

* Layered Security » Including 128- to 256- bit SSL encryption.IP-Address lockout, and user and group-defined access permissions.

* Server Function » RemotelyAnywhere Workstation Edition and Server Edition come with a valuable set of server tools.

* Computer Management » Direct, rapid access a server’s diagnostic toolset.

* Computer Settings » View and modify a number of settings on the remote machine.


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