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The Desktoptopia application was designed to be a FREE desktop background manager that automatically loads and displays designer desktops on your monitor, as often as you wish.

Features of Desktoptopia

· Huge Collection Of Designer Desktops
· We are working with some of the most talented designers in the world to create a master collection of backgrounds exclusive to Desktoptopia. Our huge collection grows everyday, so you’re sure to to be inspired with the freshest and latest designs. Why hunt through all the landscapes and Hello Kitty desktops out there? Let us bring the best to you.

· You’re In Control
· Loving the current desktop? Can’t stop staring at it? Just click Pause in the menubar, and stare all you want. You can also go back, or to the next desktop right from the menubar. Setting how often your desktop changes is just as simple.

· The Wisdom Of Crowds

· You can rate desktops anytime from the menubar. You can also subscribe to categories like Photography, Illustration, Typography, Architecture, Graphic Design, 3D, and Abstract. Or you can mix it up with a little from all the categories.

· Multiple Monitor Support
· Got two monitors? We’re so jealous. But, Desktoptopia has got you covered. You can decide how you want Desktoptopia to work with your multiple-monitor set up. You can have twice the love and duplicate the desktop on both monitors, only show desktops on one (whichever one you want), or show different desktops on each monitor.

· Automatic Resolution Detection
· Quick, what’s your monitor resolution? Yeah, we don’t know ours either. Desktoptopia will automatically detect your resolution and deliver you the appropriately sized desktop, so your desktops always look their best.


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