Fantastic Flame Screensaver 7.00.800

Laconic Software
1.2 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Fantastic Flame Screensaver

Fantastic Flame Screensaver is an award-winning screensaver which generates a realistic animated fire effect. The flame is sensitive to the underlying picture, so icons and all open windows – or one of plenty amazing fire backgrounds – will amazingly appear to catch on fire with glowing, colorful and smokey effects. The crackling and popping sounds and nice chimes that accompany the screensaver are right on the money. Also, you can set your favorite music for playing in background. Fantastic Flame Screensaver has a lot of very different self-explanatory colorful flame presets, such as: Wood, Petroleum, Thermovisor, Propane, Hypericin, Metallic Ice, Copper Oxide, Orchid and many others (more than 50 in total!).

Finally, Fantastic Flame has the Random Preset – you never get tired of watching! The feature-packed, well-organized Preferences window lets you alter the flame palette, speed, spire length, and flame intensity, change the wind direction, and choose how quickly the flames fade out on exit. A nice feature: using the F key, you even can capture a picture of your burning desktop without exiting the screensaver!


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