Hi-Def Multimedia Screensaver 4.0.7

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10.79 MB
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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Hi-Def Multimedia Screensaver 4.0.7

The Hi-Def Multimedia Screensaver is the best and most exciting screensaver available anywhere.  "No brag.  Just fact".  It has many features that enable you to captivate and entertain anyone who passes by your computer, while displaying High Definition WMV videos or audio files displaying visualizations in a screensaver during periods of computer "inactivity".  It will even display DVD (.vob) videos.

The Hi-Def Multimedia Screensaver includes six different video display windows, which includes Full-Screen. Create a play list and play video and/or audio files in order of selection or at random.  Audio files display visualizations during presentation.  A wide variety of video and audio files can be mixed or matched. This screensaver also includes a gradient background that can be turned on or off and changed in duration. The sound can be muted and can be controlled separate from the operating system.  If you have your own videos or wish to download videos from other sites, this is the perfect video screensaver for you!



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