AccessPatrol 3.1

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AccessPatrol 3.1

With the influx of portable storage devices and removable media, data theft is becoming an increasing threat to organizations. Devices such as USBs, WiFI, FireWire, Bluetooth, iPods, MP3s connect seamlessly to company networks, without IT administrators having any knowledge that their company data is being exposed.

Codework’s endpoint security solution, Access Patrol, provides a comprehensive solution for securing company devices to minimize unauthorized access to proprietary information.

Another challenge facing organizations is the unnecessary wastage of energy when workstations are left running after hours. With rising energy costs, administrators are turning to more effective solutions for managing energy consumption in the workplace..

AccessPatrol provides an effective method for power management. With a simple click of the mouse, computers can be remotely shutdown or booted. This function can also be scheduled to force a shutdown of the PCs at a specific time, e.g. after work hours, or schedule a boot of the PCs at the beginning of a work day.


  • Manage data leaking and system infection
  • Centralized Security Management
  • Security Levels
  • Remote Client Install
  • Offsite Device management
  • Allowed Lists
  • Scheduler
  • Power Management


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