IM Lock 2010

Comvigo Inc
5.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All
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IM Lock Enterprise IM Lock Professional IM Lock Home Version

IM Lock Software – Internet Filter, Porn Blocker, Block Instant Message.

IM Lock is a powerful instant message blocking and internet content filtering software for Business, Education, and Home use. IM Lock prevents unwanted instant messaging and web surfing. IM Lock blocks instant messaging, Block MSN Messenger, Block P2P, streaming media, selected web browsing, and more.

IM Lock enables you to schedule internet filtering and internet content blocking, and to select programs to block, websites to block, and keywords to block.

IM Lock Professional comes with pre-configured settings to block many kinds of web use and web surfing.You can block and unblock items with an easy mouse click.Blocking Categories include: Instant Messengers, Web Instant Messengers, P2P applications, Streaming Media Applications, Games, Adult Sites, Anonymizers, Downloading, Blogs, and many more. You can choose whether to notify your users of not.You can customize the verbiage of the message you want your users to see.Messages are Unicode compatible (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.) 


  • Internet Filter
  • Block Instant Messengers
  • PC Firewall
  • P2P Blocker
  • Internet Monitor
  • Easy Configuration
  • Scheduler
  • Advanced Options    Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Network Bandwidth
  • Fast Install
  • Easy Setup
  • Protect Your Computers
  • Instant ROI


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