LockLizard Protector 2.07

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LockLizard Protector 2.07

Lizard Protector Web Content Security protects your IPR and your company’s revenue stream by ensuring your web content is always under your control.

Lizard Protector Web Content Security is for publishers that share or sell web based content where a higher degree of security and control is required – beyond simple password protection. There are no passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others.

Protector’s instant revocation and expiry controls ensure the latest version of course materials are always used, that customers continue paying for your content, and access to material can be offered for limited periods at discount prices.  Protector’s printing controls can limit the number of prints that can be made. Elearning courses can be securely distributed across the web, including partner sites, without fear of your IPR being stolen.  You control how you store your protected courses and how they are delivered to your customers.  Lizard Protector can also be used to protect online examination systems and services where questions and answers are dynamically generated using PHP, ASP, or JSP.

It protects your HTML based web pages, including source code, images, and text, from unauthorized:

  • viewing
  • copying
  • sharing
  • modifying
  • saving
  • screen grabbing
  • printing (including how many times)
  • printing to file, PDF, or image printers

with US Government strength encryption and digital rights management controls.  You control who views your protected web content and how long it can be viewed (for a certain number of days or forever). And if you no longer want the recipient to use your protected web content, instantly revoke access to it.




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