iMetaSearch 4.00

Puffinware LLC
2.1 MB
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Windows All
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iMetaSearch 4.00

iMetaSearch is a free next-generation meta search tool that saves time and finds better results. It gathers results from the web and then analyzes them with a cutting edge method called Latent Semantic Analysis. It saves time by putting related search results together into conceptual groups. It finds better results by giving you personal relevance scores. Simply mark results that you find interesting, and related results will get higher relevance scores.

iMetaSearch gets the top 100 results from Google. If you upgrade to the Pro version, you get 11 more search engines that you can use and no limit on the number of results you can get from a search.

iMetaSearch will save you time and get better results with its ability to quickly download and sift through many search results.



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