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Quick Article Submitter 4.0

Quick Article Submitter software submits articles to around 500 directories and regularly adds more sites to its database. Most importantly, it allows you to create unique content for each article easily. This will avoid trouble with the duplicate content filters. You can also slowly submit article over time for the maximum effect and get hundreds of relevant backlinks to your website by doing things the right way.


  • No need to visit any article directory to submit articles:: Fill up your required information once and let Quick Article Submitter do all of the time-consuming work!
  • Quick Article Submitter stores all of your personal information, resource box, and articles: It then will proceed one at a time to go to each of the articles sites for you, log you in and auto fill all of your content including your name, your article, your author resource box, even an article summary on any sites that ask for it.
  • Get free targeted traffic: You will find articles generate high-quality visitors who are likely to become customers! Get more sales, get more traffic, and get more high quality backlinks for your site and much more.
  • Improve search engine rankings with up to thousands of free quality backlinks: To achieve top search engine positions one needs loads of incoming links directing to your site. Your content on various sites with a homepage link can help you achieve just that.
  • Get timely updates of article directories database: The software automatically updates the list of article directories to show new entries. This way your articles get more exposure through new article directories.
  • Get a massive amount of exposure to large publication owners: If you submit to only a dozen directories, then you’re getting a tiny fraction of the response you should. With Quick Article Submitter the reach of your articles increases significantly.
  • Gain credibility: You also gain the added link popularity power for your site in the search engines. This results in more sales because customers believe what YOU say as they like reading your articles and want more of the goods you have to offer.
  • Promote affiliate programs for zero cost: This is a perfect way to test a program out before you spend your advertising dollars on it. Buy Quick Article Submitter
  • Boost search engines rankings without having to be an optimization expert: Unlike complicated search engine tactics, publishing articles in article directories is an easy way to get loads of high-quality backlinks.


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