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Active Directory Reports 5.3

Active Directory Reports gathers LDAP information from your Windows server installations and enables you to monitor real time reporting. Using our Active Directory Reporting interface you’ll be able to see information in a more clear and concise manner. Print reports in a wide array of formats including CSV, PDF, DOC, XLS and others! We also support a quick export feature where you can immediately export to CSV format with little or no effort. View and easily report on all of your domain controllers including trusted domains.


  • ACCURACY AD Reports is the most accurate on the market. In a multi-domain controller environment simply compare our results to any of the competitors.
  • SPEED Our internal data gathering engine has been polished and benchmarked against the competitors. Try it and see immediate results when the competitors seem to lag. Try loading 16,000 users in less than 5 seconds with any other product.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE AD Reports was built around an intuitive easy to use user interface. Change the products views to your liking and don’t worry, we auto-save your customizations.
  • EASY INSTALLATION! Simply stated, if you have administrator rights on your computer and are able to see the domain, our product just works. No messy database setup, no MSMQ problems, no bloated web server setup. We built everything internal and no we don’t use a web server.


  • Added ability to add Active Directory Attributes to reports (built-in in Show / Hide Columns window)
  • Added canonicalName attribute to the Users Predefined Attributes
  • Added canonicalName and displayName attributes to the Computers Predefined Attributes
  • Added GPO to Select / Hide Columns menu
  • Updated loading membership columns
  • Fixed multi-select fields in Show / Hide Columns
  • Fixed displaying menu for selecting attributes for “With / Without Selected Attributes” reports


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