AW IP Locator 2.1

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AW IP Locator 2.1

Atelier Web IP Locator is an invaluable network tool that everyone must keep handy in these days where knowing as much as possible about an internet connection can only help in every security or marketing related aspect.

AWIPLOC allows you to access the World’s biggest IP geolocation database straight from your desktop or your windows website and know in instants where a certain IP address belongs.

AWIPLOC is free for occasional private use, no time deadlines and no functionality limitation. You are automatically attributed  a quota of IP search credits that is automatically renewed periodically. This quota is enough for an occasional private use of the software.         

AWIPLOC includes a full featured freely distributable Automation Server that allows you to easily perform IP location searches from your website or from your own applications. It includes, as well, a freely distributable .Net engine with equivalent functionality. We have include samples for .ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, VB .Net, Delphi and MFC C++, but you can use it from virtually any .Net or COM aware environment.



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