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DNS4Me 5.2

No one manages your own data better than you. So why trust anyone else with it? DNS4Me can help by turning your computer in to a web server, mail server, FTP server, or any other service available on the Internet. Simple, cost-effective, DNS service that only takes a few minutes to setup. DNS4Me puts you in control of your Dynamic IP address.

DNS4Me gives you the power to turn your personal PC into a file sharing server, web server, email server, and more without the added cost and hassle of paying a company to do the same.

Need help finding utilites and services to get started leveraging the power of our dynamic DNS service? All of the following software has a free 30-day trial or is available as freeware.

DNS4Me includes a built-in web server and mail server that will meet most people’s needs. These built-in servers are efficient and easy to configure. 


  • Dynamic IP Address Linking: DNS4Me maps your computer’s current IP address to your domain name so others can easily reach the Web services your provide. Take your computer on a trip and take your visitors with you!
  • Free DNS4Me Service: A free version of the DNS4Me service is now available. DNS4Me can now be used (with certain limitations) for free for as long as you wish. Free DNS4Me service offers the same dynamic DNS service without some of the added perks of paid users.
  • Multiple Domain Support: Why should you be limited to a single domain simply because of a dynamic IP address? DNS4Me supports as many domain names as you want. This functionality is support by the DNS4Me client application and requires no additional configuration on your part!
  • Custom DNS Management: DNS4Me’s custom DNS management lets you define additional DNS records to give you even greater control and flexibility over your domain’s DNS. These additional records take advantage of DNS4Me’s dynamic DNS abilities and can contain different data for when your domains are online or offline.
  • Built-In Mail Server: The built-in mail server lets you create email accounts for your DNS4Me domains. No longer will you have to put up with using an address you were forced to use or other limitations imposed on you by your email provider. Create your own email address and share it with your friends and family!
  • Built-In Web Server: DNS4Me includes a built-in web server to help you get started with your online presence immediately. Use the web server to share pictures with your family and friends or to serve up your own personal home page!


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