DocRetriever for Sharepoint 4.0

Restore SharePoint documents and list items from your native SharePoint backups in minutes, without requiring a SharePoint recovery farm.

DocRetriever for SharePoint dramatically simplifies the process of restoring individual documents, sites, sub-sites and folders. SharePoint Administrators no longer need to spend countless hours rebuilding your entire production database, or worry about deploying a temporary SharePoint recovery farm, just to recover an individual document or list item.

DocRetriever connects directly to native SQL Server backup files, as well as any mountable application aware snapshot, and enables you to browse SharePoint objects as though you were connected to a live SharePoint site. SharePoint objects such as sites, site hierarchies, list items, libraries and views can be recovered directly to the production SharePoint servers, to alternate SharePoint servers or directly to a file system, with complete preservation of all permissions and meta-data.

When used in conjunction with AppAssure’s Replay 4 Enterprise Imaging solution, you can rest assured that you are never more than minutes away from being able to recover any component of your SharePoint Environment, from Bare Metal, to an individual item.

Key Benefits:

  • Respond to SharePoint recovery requests in minutes
  • Restore SharePoint objects directly from a backup and avoid using a SharePoint recovery farm or rebuilding your entire production database
  • Retrieve files in the content databases and restore them to an NTFS folder, even if the site is offline or inaccessible

Key Features:

  • Easy to use: Easy to use SharePoint browser to browse all documents and objects within a Farm, Site and Site hierarchies directly from a backup.
  • Restore individual documents and list items: Restores documents, item lists, libraries with permissions intact without the need for a separate recovery server.
  • Restore document versions: Restores multiple versions of same document to restore.
  • Site and Sub-site recoveries: Restores sites and sub-sites with permissions intact.
  • Restore in place or out of place: estore documents and items directly to the original production environment, to a file system or to alternate locations within a live SharePoint server.
  • Overwrite or skip existing items on a restore: Synchronizes the original with the backup by only restoring missing items.
  • Preserve original security settings: Option to preserve site, sub-site and object level permissions.
  • Full Content Search: Search the backups for any document in seconds.
  • Connects directly to native SQL back-up files: Restore directly from SharePoint SQL Server back-up files.
  • Detailed Logging of all Restore Operations: All operations are audited and logged so you can easily see what objects has been added or modified.
  • Compliant: All restore operations are performed through the supported SharePoint APIs.
  • Installs in Minutes: Installs in minutes and requires .NET 3.5 and access to a local instance of SQL Server or SQL Express. DocRetriever can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.


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