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PerfectDisk for Exchange 11

PerfectDisk 11 Exchange automates the compaction and defragmentation of Exchange data stores to restore performance and disk space. Eliminates wasteful white space automatically and saves hours of administrator time. Leverages all the capabilities of PerfectDisk 11 Server to automatically restore and maintain optimal performance of all drives. Supports Exchange Server 2010, 2007 and 2003.

PerfectDisk 11 Exchange’s patented Advanced SMARTPlacement feature is the most sophisticated defragging solution available. It identifies the files you use most, and then organizes them according to your unique usage patterns. This comprehensive process eliminates most fragmentation before it occurs, yields faster subsequent defrag passes, quicker server boots, slower rates of fragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved Exchange server performance.

PerfectDisk’s patent-pending Virtual Aware defrag extends to PerfectDisk 11 Exchange, ensuring resource contention in virtual Exchange environments is eliminated. This exclusive capability ensures the most optimal defrag performance possible in Exchange environments.

Get the largest piece of consolidated, contiguous free space possible. PerfectDisk 11 Exchange’s exclusive Space Restoration Technology™ ensures that new files are created contiguously. This combined with industry-leading SMARTPlacement defrag features means optimal Exchange server performance for your organization.

Tailor a defrag schedule to your unique operations. Daily, weekly or when the screensaver is on, PerfectDisk 11 Exchange’s flexible AutoPilot Scheduling lets you defragment your Exchange server according to your organization’s needs when background defragmentation is not possible.


  •  Defragmentation of Exchange data stores
  •  Reclaim valuable disk space automatically
  •  Eliminate white space automatically 
  •  Virtual aware to eliminate resource contention
  •  Automate the Eseutil utility
  •  Includes all features of PerfectDisk Server
  •  Integrates with PerfectDisk Enterprise Console

New in this version:

  • SMARTPlacement optimization: New easy-to-use engine customization lets files, applications and directory data be placed according to your unique requirements or preferences for improved system performance and faster file access.
  • Exclusive BlockViewer: Right click on the Drive Map to view the contents of a block, visually identify and eliminate fragmentation with ease
  • Faster Analyze: Analyze a drive up to several hundred percent faster depending on your drive, number of files and file sizes.
  • New and improved space management reports: Comprehensive charts and graphs give you important information on your files and drives.
  • Enhanced large drive support: New algorithms ensure faster defrags for even the largest drives; and as always — no extra cost, no matter how large the drive.
  • Enhanced Solid State Drive (SSD) support: Automatic detection of SSDs ensures these drives can be optimized for the best possible performance boost.
  • Enhanced StealthPatrol automatic background defrag: Optimizes drives faster and uses fewer resources than other defragmenters.
  • Enhanced VSS (Visual Source Safe) support: Support VSS threshold configuration lets you set a unique threshold for VSS data.
  • Enhanced user interface: Improved graphics and layout make PerfectDisk easier to use than ever before.
  • Enhanced Selected Files Defrag: You can now select up to 100 files to defrag to save time and resources if you don’t wish to defrag the entire drive; great for heavily used files.


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