QweryBuilder 5.2.2

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QweryBuilder 5.2.2

QweryBuilder implements innovative ideas to make the interaction between you and the database quick, accurate and efficient. It is a database development and query tool. Its purpose is to make accessing information from a database simple, quick, accurate and efficient. QweryBuilder implements innovative ideas to make this possible. An end user can extract and update data without writing a line of SQL. Database developers can create procedures, tables, views and triggers with fewer keystrokes. Best of all, you can do this with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

Simply put, help you lower your costs. QweryBuilder is an enterprise level, full featured SQL Editor that is affordably priced. Most multi-platform database tools in the market sell for an uncomfortably high price. Werysoft understands that IT shops should have the ability to be productive for a price that makes sense.


  • SQL Editor

    • Script auto complete
    • Custom auto complete lists
    • Code Templates
    • Display column list for tables and views in editor
    • Display procedure parameters in editor
    • Keyboard shortcut to open procedures
    • Generate and insert new GUIDs
    • Syntax folding
    • Auto indenting
  • Criteria Query
    • Form view criteria screen for easy data retrieval
    • Updateable result set
      • Insert nulls, GUID’s, and computed values into results
      • Insert, delete and update data rows
      • Generate insert statements from results
      • Create graphs from result data
  • Graphic Query
    • Create queries graphically
    • Cross table querying without writing SQL
  • Other Features
    • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle
    • DDL Browser
    • Database Search
    • Visual Difference
    • Code Formatter
    • Getting Started Window
      • Displays last used connections, files and database objects
      • Easily navigate to the last thing you were working on
    • Clipboard Saver
    • File Browser
    • Object Browser


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