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scanEZ offers Lotus Notes developers and Domino administrators faster ways to access data inside in a Notes database; faster ways to edit data; better ways to search through data; and new ways to solve common Notes database problems—all without any views or agents.

Instantly see, understand and change anything that’s buried in a Lotus Notes database:

  • See things that Notes won’t let you see like deletion stubs, profiles and a complete list of conflicts.
  • See all design elements and all the documents inside a database in an expandable tree.
  • See all the fields inside a document or design instantly—no need to ‘fight’ the Notes property box ever again.
  • Direct access to your database’s top-level properties.
  • See and manage your database ACLs and roles with a flat view.
  • Explore nested groups in complex ACLs.
  • Instantly create reports with scanEZ’s export function (customized formats, DXL).
  • Track down a note using a variety of search options: Search by UNID; NoteID; NoteID Range; Design Element Title; Formula; Contents of a View or Folder or Full-Text.
  • Track down ‘special‘ documents like orphans with scanEZ’s Document Analyzer.
  • Explore and navigate documents through their parent/response relationship.
  • Compare and contrast the contents of any group of documents with scanEZ’s advanced Diff’ing tool.
  • Compare the content of documents side-by-side.
  • See data the way you want: scanEZ’s flexible grid interface gives you total control over how information is displayed.
  • Display, organize and categorize data the way you need to see it using the title manager—and then select documents with regular expressions.
  • ‘My Selection’ virtual folders let you group any notes inside your database together for processing.
  • Deletion stub explorer tool allows for thorough analysis of all the deletion stubs in a database.

Work faster and free up time normally spent on repetitive tasks:

  • Instantly modify any field by simply entering a new value.
  • Create new fields in as many documents as you’d like all at the same time.
  • Rename existing fields in many documents simultaneously.
  • Edit a field’s content in as many documents as you’d like all at once.
  • Copy several fields in many documents simultaneously.
  • Apply a formula to modify field data in a document(s).
  • Copy documents or groups of documents to a Notes folder or to another database.

Get a complete picture of database design and content—without programming:

  • Investigate problems with much greater ease and effectiveness—cut down response times in database support functions
  • See deep inside Notes databases and demystify problems
  • Focus on the task at hand. With scanEZ there’s much less need for time‑consuming preliminary coding, testing, and one-use agents
    • Solve Conflicts with ease—scanEZ’s Conflict Solver lets you compare parent and conflict documents side-by-side. You can keep the correct data and delete the conflict.
    • Preview replication with scanEZ’s Replication Auditor to prevent conflicts and other replication-related problems from happening.
    • Diagnose Ghost document problems with the Post-Replication auditor.
    • Change a database’s ReplicaID to avert catastrophe.
    • Delete Corrupted Designs.
    • You can open documents selected in your Notes client directly in scanEZ.
    • Live notes.ini editing (server notes.ini as well).

What's New

· Added an Database > Open Database From Replica ID menu item
· Added LotusScript Note Retrieval feature (in optional scanEZ Extension Database)
· Added a button in database panel for transaction logging (scanEZ must be installed on the server for this to work)
· Added contextual (right-click) Grid Action menu items for Replication Auditor grid
· Added contextual (right-click) Grid Action menu items for Post-Replication Auditor grid
· Improved toolbar installation process and fixed minor toolbar issues
· Improved Conflict listing—now shows retrieved list when an error is encountered—before none were shown
· Fixed compatibility issues with Teamstudio CIAO! Edition 25
· Fixed the incorrect display of attachment compression method
· Fixed looping issue when performing a search on a database
· Fixed minor display and usability issues
· Fixed issue when trying to save a Text List item that begins with an empty entry
· Fixed display of decimal settings (now uses Windows settings)


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