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Sync2DB 1.31

Sync2DB is a Windows application that safely links and syncs Outlook with your corporate database or any other database with minimum or no employee/customer interaction. Just click the Sync2DB button/link on any Web site and get the latest data in Outlook, from corporate appointments to orders and clients’ lists, or grab the chosen Outlook data and upload it to the database. It is simple as RSS subscription, but with the possibility to add or update data from Outlook. The setup for users has no settings to choose from, with support of minimal or silent installation procedure. Sync2DB even functions without opening Outlook itself.

Sync2DB allows customers to receive access (subscribe) to specific data of any database, maintain and manage it in Outlook in the form of data subscriptions. The simplified subscription procedure to multiple databases ensures a great end-user experience and is similar to the RSS feed subscription. Use Microsoft Outlook as the Data Reader and data management tool. 

In addition to a simple database using our scripts you can synchronize Microsoft Project, Microsoft Sharepoint Server with Outlook. Sync2DB supports multipe subscriptions to the same and different databases simultaneously (links multiple Outlook folders to different folders or databases). This feature allows synchronizing Outlook items with several databases simultaneously (either in different or the same Outlook folders).

Three-way Outlook-Database synchronization with advanced filters:

  • Outlook-Reader (Download/Import only)  – download from database to local Outlook only;
  • Outlook-Publisher (Upload/Grab/Export only), – upload from local Outlook to database only;
  • Two-way Synchronization (Download and upload/Export-import) – two-way data exchange between database and local Outlook;
  • In addition Sync2DB provides:
  • One-time transfer or ongoing synchronization.
  • support for both built-in and custom Outlook fields.
  • sync of all Outlook data types, including multi-valued Keywords fields and Attachments
  • Ability to work directly with Outlook data via MAPI without interference with Outlook application (i.e. without opening or starting Outlook in the background).
  • Synchronization filters (customizable for each Outlook folder or for all folders of the same type) which helps developers synchronize or grab the only Outlook data that they want. Synchronization filters can be set for Outlook folder and / or database table.
  • Data transition (i.e. you can see customers’ orders from your web site and manage your customers contact information within your Outlook).
  • Equivalent Items detection and management.
  • Customizable mapping between columns/tables in database and fields/items in Outlook for Outlook types of items (Email, Post items, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Journal items).
  • Separate mapping rules for each Outlook folder (in view that there may be items of various types in one folder).


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