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VShell Server

In a network environment where you are confronted daily with new security threats to fight with limited resources, you need technology that is secure, professionally supported, and based on open standards. The VShell server lets you close Telnet and FTP security holes with a commercially supported Secure Shell package, fulfilling your need for secure network administration, file transfer, and end-user access on a variety of Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

With the VShell server you can save critical admin time by tracking network conditions with automation tools like triggers. Exercise precise access management through VShell’s Access Control Lists (ACLs) and SFTP virtual directories.

Replace Telnet and FTP with proven Secure Shell encryption, authentication, and data integrity: Proven Secure Shell technology arms you with open-standards-based strong encryption, trusted authentication, and data integrity, so you can confidently transport electronic data over public networks.

Save admin time with automation "triggers" to monitor network use: VShell server triggers give you the power to track and respond to a wide variety of network events. You can send admin alerts on failed logon attempts, script actions after SFTP uploads and download events — think of triggers as the nerve endings of your network.

Control user access to features and files easily: The VShell server provides controls to help you configure the server environment to provide appropriate access privileges to every network user. Virtual root directories allow you to control file transfer access on a user and group basis. Chroot users and groups and "jail shell" let you restrict users’ file system access and activities to their home directories. Access control lists are a powerful interface to allow or deny use of shell and file transfer services.

Choose one of four editions to deploy the VShell server: Use a modular approach to deploy cost-effective solutions that fit your needs. The VShell server can be licensed to meet the needs of every size network and organization, from single admin-only server access to enterprise-wide remote access, secure file transfer, and data tunneling solutions.

Support the platforms you use from one source: Choose from Windows, Linux, and a variety of UNIX platforms with an extensive set of services and professional support.

Change Log:

  • VShell FTPS: When generating a self-signed certificate, a key size of either 1024 or 2048 can now be specified.
  • The VShell version in the Windows uninstall "DisplayVersion" registry key now contains the point release number in addition to the major and minor version numbers.
  • Windows: Updated the sample installer answer file that is included in the VShell Help.
  • On Windows 2000, an incorrect file size was logged when files greater than 4GB were transferred.
  • Windows: VShell could have crashed when certain SFTP clients connected and the user’s profile was not being loaded.


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