Integrated Notification System

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Integrated Notification System

INS is a highly configurable IVR (Interactive voice response) software designed to send messages through your computer and let your computer handle incoming calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for CT (Computer Telephony), where the caller uses the phone keypad to enter values, can be created through the graphical script designer.

Applications like Fax On Demand, SMS On Demand or Voice Mail are possible without any programming. A simple voice modem or voice board is all you need. Voice files can be recorded or created through a text-to-speech engine. You can also design interactive scripts to dynamically react on incoming SMS or e-mail messages. Scripts like SMS-to-Email or EMail-to-SMS are only some of the possibilities.

Features of Integrated Notification System

  • Send messages to pagers / mobile phones (using the SMS standard for Short Message Services) – Supports Text, Flash messages, Pictures, Logos and ringtones / fax machines / voice recipients / e-mail recipients
  • Send faxes from any print enabled application using the Windows printer driver
  • Send faxes to distribution groups
  • Design interactive voice response (IVR) scripts to answer incoming calls. The caller can navigate through the interactive voice response (IVR) scripts by pressing digits on the phone keypad ( IE "Please press 1 for a description of our products, 2 for fax-back and 3 to speak to an operator"). Interactive voice response (IVR) scripts like multi-user voice mail boxes, credit card verification or fax-on-demand are set up within minutes. The system supports an unlimited number of incomung lines.
  • Receiving faxes
  • Scanning external application for values and in the event the criteria is met, send a message to a user. Ideal for SCADA alarming or Network monitoring.



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