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AskKey 1.3

AskKey is a simple freeware application that is designed for those who work with ASCII characters and HTML notations and Unicode symbols.  Using ASC/Chr, you can find ASCII values for particular characters or vice versa.  Use HTML to find HTML notations for particular keys.  Switch to ‘Key’ and press a key on your keyboard, and AskKey will tell you its ASCII value.  When you work with Unicode symbols, try Sym1 and Sym2.  Sym2 covers hundreds of Unicode notations over 7 fields.

It’s not just ASCII characters, HTML notations and Unicode symbols that AskKey deals with. One extra feature of AskKey lets users change and serialize file names regardless of the number of files involved. Likewise, users change the extension of a group of files from one to another.

What’s New in this Version:

  • Sym1 Toolbar button is added for Unicode symbols. Use Sym1 to get a corresponding Unicode symbol for a particular Unicode value.
  • Sym2 Toolbar button is added for Unicode symbols. Use Sym2 to choose a Unicode value and its corresponding symbol from a list that covers hundreds of Unicode symbols over 7 fields.

System requirements:
Mac OS X: 10.4, 10.5 with PowerPC G5 or Intel Mac


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