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Boolean Search 3.3.6

Boolean Search is a Mac OS X server application for searching the contents of plain text, rich text, HTML formatted text, MS Word, PDF and any other textual file format supported by Spotlight.

Boolean Search can be employed as a search engine for a public web site on the Internet, or a personal or group owned collection of files on your own computer or LAN. A wide variety of search criteria and customizable response pages makes Boolean Search a very flexible alternative to Internet search engines or operating system services like Spotlight.

Key Features:

  • Search forms and results are highly customizable with the use of "templates," standard HTML and AppleScript.
  • Generation of a "site index" which lists all the words contained in a file collection, and links to the files which contain them.
  • Various query-based search methods are available: exact, partial, approximate, case sensitive, proximity, phrase, regular expression pattern matching, etc.
  • A wide variety of "context summaries" of found documents are available, and files are viewable with search terms linked and highlighted.
  • Spell-checking of queries and generation of new queries for the corrected terms (as in "Did you mean?)
  • Boolean Search contains an integrated web server so it can serve and process its own search forms.
  • Interaction with the program using a web browser and standard TCP/IP means you can either use Boolean Search on your own Mac-hosted web site, or as a personal search engine right on your own computer (especially when used in conjunction with the Blue Crab web crawler.)
  • Supports multiple directories and provides the ability to find files by name, kind, date, type, etc. together with a content query for more targeted searching.
  • Standard server realms support.
  • Search directory administration includes settings for word break characters, stop words, synonyms, variety of file filters, "last visit cookies."
  • Customizable logging for each search directory.
  • Automatic re-indexing and caching can be scheduled in the Preferences window.
  • Optional browser-based administration enables remote configuration of the search directories.


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