Carbide.c++ Express 2.0

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Carbide.c++ Express 2.0

Carbide.c++ is a family of IDEs for the creation of C++ and C applications for Symbian OS devices. Carbide.c++ is based on the Eclipse IDE and the C/C++ development tools from the Eclipse CDT Project.

Combining the power of the Eclipse Framework with tools for all stages of development, Carbide.c++ offers all Symbian C++, Qt, and Open C/C++ developers an efficient, easy-to-use development environment. And now Carbide.c++ is offered to every developer, from hobbyists to smartphone manufacturers, free of charge.

Carbide.c++ enables you to quickly and efficiently create, code, test, and deploy software for the Symbian OS. That software can range from components for Symbian OS phones to third-party after-market applications.

To assist with project creation, Carbide.c++ is delivered with a set of templates for creating skeletons for the most commonly used types of Symbian OS software. For GUI applications, the UI Designer helps accelerate development with a drag-and-drop design environment. During development, CodeScanner can help identify coding issues before they become entrenched and costly to identify and remove. A complete set of tools then provides for building and packaging software. Carbide.c++ provides comprehensive tools for debugging built applications, including on-device debugging and specialised debugging features for phone developers. Then Performance Investigator can be used to tune software performance through analysis of memory, processor, and battery usage.



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