GoGadget for webOS 1.0

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GoGadget for webOS 1.0

GoGadget makes it easy to personalize your phone with ringtones, favorite music, memorable photos, entertaining video, and documents, like ebooks.

You have a wonderful phone in Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Turn your phone into a wonderful music player, digital photo album, portable mini movie theater and convenient document e-reader too. GoGadget does the work of transferring your favorite things to your phone, so you don’t have to – simply, and without hassle.


  • Music: GoGadget reliably syncs whole playlists of music, not just songs. Sync your playlists, along with album art, genre, and artist information. Works with Windows Media Player and iTunes.
  • Ringtones: Create ringtones from your favorite music. It’s as easy as choosing a song, drag two controls to trim, and name the ringtone. The ringtone is automatically transferred to your phone during the next sync.¹
  • Photos: Make your phone a digital photo album that’s always with you. Transfer photos from your computer, from a folder or from iPhoto.* Save pictures you snap with your phone to your computer, too.
  • Video: GoGadget converts digital video and home movies for a great viewing experience on your Pre or Pixi phone. All you have to do is drag a video file to GoGadget. GoGadg
  • Documents & Files: PDFs, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, eBooks and more. Take them with you to view on-the-go. GoGadget makes it easy to sync a folder full of files to your phone.


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