dfg StockAlert XP 3.9.2

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Operating System
Windows Xp
Stock Trading software

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dfg StockAlert XP 3.9.2

Receive free of charge real time data from stocks you are interested in. (Unlimited number). Set limits and you will receive an alert message (eMail, SMS on the cellular/handy phone) when the value exceeds or drops below the limits. dfg StockAlert XP notifies you when you need to be informed of market movements at any time, around the globe. Using today’s top communication channels, investors can be updated via cellular phones  (SMS) and eMails. dfg StockAlert XP is an innovative award winning tool that makes stock trading more convenient and functional for today’s investors. dfg StockAlert XP gives you the flexibility to keep abreast of the rapidly changing exchange market.

  Basic and extended Functions

dfg StockAlert XP  gives you an easy and powerful way to keep you in touch with stock exchanges.
Basic functions – Home edition :

  • Support of real time data provider
  • Support of SMTP (eMail) server
  • eMail alert on your PC, notebook or palmtop
  • if stock value  exceeds or drops under defined limits
  • Up to ten stocks to be continuously watched (selectable time interval)
  • Scrolling ticker
  • Alarm window with sound on your PC
  • Direct access to interesting and helpful  financial sites
  • Start with Windows & run dfg StockAlert XP  as a service in the system tray
  • Support of proxy server

Extended Functions – dfg StockAlert XP  Professional:

  • Unlimited number of stocks to be continuously watched
  • Second eMail address (can be used for a pager gateway)
  • SMS alert on your handy/cellular phone
  • Support of eMail/SMS gateway
  • support of free internet SMS provider (next version)


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