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Forex Strategy Builder

Forex Strategy Builder is a visual forex strategy back tester. It uses combinations of technical indicators and logic rules to simulate a trading process with historical forex rates. An included automatic strategy generator enables you to compose a profitable strategy. An optimizer, an intraday scanner, a bar explorer and an interpolation methods comparator are included to improve the quality of your forex strategy development. Custom indicators, multicurrency strategies and out of sample testing capabilities are also included in this free forex software.

Features of Forex Strategy Builder

· It is 100% free to download and use.
· You can build and test a new strategy for less than a minute.
· All the technical indicators are precompiled, it is not necessary to use mathematical formulas.
· Great variety of logics and methods of calculation are built.
· You can put your own market data.
· Without the risks of real market you can test all strategies you have built or downloaded from our website.
· Information about all orders and deals is available in the journal records.
· Detailed charts represent the data, indicators, position’s lots and the account bill.
· The special "Fractal interpolation method" of calculation guarantees the correct testing inside each data bar.


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