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Personal Portfolio Manager

The OWL Personal Portfolio Manager (PPM) was rated the best
portfolio management software by the Financial Times (London) and
Securities Research Company Ltd (New Zealand). This powerful, yet easy
to use, portfolio management and technical analysis system is used by
individual investors and money managers on five continents. Completely
redesigned, PPM is now even more powerful but just as easy to use.

  • PPM eliminates the drudgery of investment record keeping by
    maintaining records of stock, bond and mutual fund transactions and
    automatically computing capital gains and losses using your choice of
    IRS approved accounting methods. PPM also tracks cash accounts, other
    assets and liabilities along with investment income from interest,
    dividends, rents, royalties, etc.
  • PPM helps you manage investments by maintaining seperate
    accounting for up to 999 different portfolios. It is easy to set up
    portfolios for retirement planning, children’s college funds, brokerage
    accounts, what-if analysis and much more. The report generator lets you
    customize each report to include any combination of portfolios over any
    range of dates.
  • PPM keeps you informed on the performance of both individual
    investments and entire portfolios. It automatically computes both the
    dollar value and annualized yield of unrealized capital gains, so you
    can quickly tell the winners from the loosers. And PPM tracks and
    charts the net worth of your portfolios, so you will always know if you
    are meeting your investment objectives.
  • PPM helps you analyze investments and potential investments
    with powerful technical analysis charts. Charts include: price/volume,
    moving averages, trend analysis, relative strength, on-balance volume,
    Wilder’s RSI, stochastics, correlation analysis and asset allocation.
    Version 7 includes built-in capabilities for downloading current and
    historic stock quotes from free internet data services. All you need is
    an internet connection.


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