Pivot High Calculator Stock Market Tool 1.0

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Pivot High Calculator Stock Market Tool 1.0

Pivot High Calculator is a nifty little program that will help you immensely with any medium to longer term investment plan. It also works great for knowing when to short stocks. This takes the quesswork out of the investment process and lets you know where you should add to your stock positions. The automated entry signals keep you from buying a stock to high in the cycle and helps you build a better average cost price for your long term positions. The 2 Accumulation Buy Points calculated by the program are computed based on a formula that we developed here at the Swing-Trading-Club, which uses each stocks individual Average Range over the previous 20-Day Period. The Pivot High Calculator automatically gets a stocks data off the internet and computes this 20-Day average for you correctly saving you LOTS of time. The program then finds the last Pivot High Price and then uses a formula subtracting 2.5 times the 20-Day Average range and 4 times the 20-Day Average range from the recent PIVOT HIGH price. The great thing about this formula is that it is dynamic to each individual stock and also factors in that stocks recent price ranges. The program tutorial outlines a sure-fire investment plan that is both extremely safe and highly profitable as well as simple to implement.


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