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StockLookupMBI 1.0.5

StockLookupMBI is a Mac menu bar item which enables you to view the price of a few select stocks quickly and easily from a menu. To conveniently view more information on a listed stock select it to go to Yahoo! Finance, the source of all the information this program displays.

Use the system preference pane to add and remove stocks from the menu. Click the "Add Stock Symbol" button to create an editable text cell whose contents are initially "????". Click down on this edit field to start an edit session and then simply type the symbol of the stock you want in the menu. The company name will be added for you.

Put the application into your login items if you want it to launch automatically whenever you log in. Go to System Preferences "Accounts" and then click the "Login Items" pane. Then simply drag StockLookupMBI into the list.



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