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Data Doctor Secure Data Wiper

Secure Data Wiper is an advanced data erasure tool
which permanently wipes and removes all deleted confidential files &
folders from windows hard drive and USB Removable Storage Media for
your computer privacy. When you delete data it goes to recycle bin or
trash. Emptying recycle bin does not delete it. Only file name is
removed from the disk’s root index, but the data still remains on the
disk. Data Doctor’s popular Data Wiper ensures total files elimination
in a safe and secure way.

Effective erasure utility
completely wipes files and unused disk space using various disk erasing
algorithms. Application wizard permanently deletes most recently used
application created in MS Word document, Power point slides, Excel
records, Word Pad and Access database for your computer safety. Advance
data erasing tool removes system files including administrator temporary
file, clipboard content, recent network folder, system registry traces
and windows event log supporting both FAT and NTFS file system on
Windows XP, VISTA, NT, 2003 server, ME, 2000, 98 edition.

Data cleaning wizard ensures
total file unrecoverable elimination, wipes unused clusters that are not
linked to any file system, and ensures better performance of your
system. Wiping software is very easy to use and does not require any
special technical or non-technical skills to operate upon it.

Software Features:

  • Ensures total files unrecoverable elimination.
  • Wipe unused clusters, which are not currently
    linked to any file system.
  • Wipes out unused disk space on the windows
    hard disk partitions.
  • Cleans multiple files and directories
  • Supports both FAT & NTFS file system.
  • Allows viewing records before wiping out
    internet files and other data on your PC.
  • Easily delete records of internet explorer
    such as temporary files, URL, history, cookies and free up your disk
  • Support all type of removable media including
    Pen drive, Memory card and other USB supported flash drives.
  • New streamlined graphical interface with
    simple working and no technical skills to operate the software.


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