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Evidence Exterminator 2.6

various software, surf the Internet, use online banking to access your accounts, and so on, information about all your steps: all pictures you have seen, all passwords and bank accounts you use is stored in various files and in the Windows registry? Did you know that anybody with a minimal computer knowledge including your spouse and children, your boss and the police can easily extract detailed information about your activities and use it against you? Did you also know that when you delete your files using the Delete command, Windows does not actually delete the files but places them to the hidden RECYCLER folder, and even if you use the Empty Recycle Bin command, some files may stay in this folder and can not be deleted by Windows? Evidence Exterminator is a complex security system that ensures your privacy by destroying all hidden information connected with your activities according to a user-defined schedule or on each boot/shutdown.

The program does not damage your Windows and does not delete your documents, it only cleans needless registry items and files that potentially may contain evidence and endanger you needlessly. Think for a second: How many people you know that would enjoy hurting you? Your boss or your coworkers, and how about those people you don’t know? Don’t loose your job just because you enjoy surfing the Internet at work! Install Evidence Exterminator on your PC before it is too late! Evidence Exterminator will remove all evidence, and will also clean all the temporary files that are left by your system making it cleaner and running faster.

List of all available wipeouts:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Clean Temporary Internet Files – Cleaning Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files
    • Clean History – Cleaning Internet Explorer History
    • Clean Cookies – Cleaning Internet Explorer Cookies
    • Clean Typed Address History – Cleaning Internet Explorer typed address history
    • Clean Window Placement – Cleaning Internet Explorer window placement information
    • Clean Save Directory – Cleaning Internet Explorer save directory information
    • Clean Download Directory – Cleaning Internet Explorer download directory information
    • Clean Favorites Export File – Cleaning Internet Explorer Favorites export file information
    • Clean Favorites Import Folder – Cleaning Internet Explorer Favorites import folder information
    • Clean Favorites – Cleaning Internet Explorer Favorites
    • Clean Autocomplete Data – Cleaning Internet Explorer autocomplete data
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Clean Windows Send-To – Removing recently used folders in Windows Send-To
    • Clean My Recent Documents Folder – Cleaning My Recent Documents folder
    • Remove Past Icons from the XP Tray Notification Area – Removing past icons from the tray notification area in Windows XP
    • Clean the Cached Run Commands – Cleaning the cached Run commands
    • Clean Registry Streams MRU – Cleaning Registry Streams MRU
    • Clean Windows Temporary Folder – Cleaning Windows Temporary folder
    • Delete Windows Swap File – Deleting Windows swap file
    • Delete Hibernation Files – Deleting hibernation files
    • Delete Windows Log Files – Deleting Windows log files
    • Clean Common Dialog History – Cleaning Common Dialog history
    • Clean Search and Find History – Cleaning Search and Find history
    • Clean Registry BackUps – Removing Registry backup files
    • Clean Start Menu Item Order – Cleaning Start Menu item order
    • Empty Recycle Bin – Cleaning the Windows Recycle Bin
    • Clean Recent Documents View Stream – Cleaning Recent Documents view stream
    • Clean Microsoft Direct Input History – Cleaning Microsoft Direct Input history
    • Clean Microsoft Management Console MRU List – Cleaning Microsoft Management Console MRU List
    • Clean Regedit32 History – Cleaning Regedit32 history
    • Clean Windows Explorer Open With History – Cleaning Windows Explorer Open With history
    • Clean Map Network Drive History – Cleaning Map Network Drive history
    • Clean Wallpaper MRU List – Cleaning Wallpaper MRU List
    • Clean My Received Files Folder – Cleaning My Received Files folder
    • Clean Windows Clipboard – Cleaning Windows Clipboard
    • Clean My Network Places – Removing My Network Places remembered shares
    • Windows Telnet – Removing most recently visited servers in Windows Telnet
  • Microsoft Software
    • Clean Microsoft FrontPage Express – Removing history in Microsoft FrontPage Express
    • Clean Microsoft Help Workshop – Removing history in Microsoft Help Workshop
    • Clean Microsoft Windows Paint – Removing history in Microsoft Windows Paint
    • Clean Microsoft Windows Word Pad – Removing history in Microsoft Windows Word Pad
    • Clean Microsoft Office – Removing history in Microsoft Office
    • Clean Microsoft Publisher – Removing history in Microsoft Publisher
    • Clean Microsoft FrontPage – Removing history in Microsoft FrontPage
    • Clean Microsoft HTML Help – Removing history in Microsoft HTML Help
    • Clean Microsoft Netmeeting – Cleaning Microsoft Netmeeting call history
    • Clean Windows Media Player – Cleaning recent play list and history in Windows Media Player
    • Clean Microsoft Outlook Express – Cleaning Outlook Express rules history
    • Clean Microsoft MSN Messenger – Cleaning Microsoft Messenger phone MRU List
    • Clean MSDN Project MRU List – Cleaning MSDN project MRU List
    • Clean Microsoft Visual Studio MRU Lists – Cleaning Microsoft Visual Studio MRU Lists
    • Clean Recent Stationery List – Cleaning Recent Stationery list in Outlook Express


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