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Name Mangler 2.1.1

The Finder is good at a lot of things, but renaming a lot of files is not one of them. Automator can help, but it can be a bit intimidating to use. Enter Name Mangler, which makes short work of all your file renaming tasks.

If you need to rename several files at once, Name Mangler makes this tedious task a piece of cake. Name Mangler supports all common renaming tasks:

  • Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions for you power users)
  • Number Sequentially
  • Change Case
  • Set Extension
  • Add Prefix/Suffix
  • Remove/Insert Characters

Select the rename function you’d like to use from a pop-up menu, then customize as you wish. Name Mangler’s interface has been designed to satisfy both casual users, as well as those who seemingly make a career out of renaming files and folders.

Because renaming bunches of files can be a scary proposition, Name Mangler always shows you exactly what will happen before it happens. Nothing is permanent until you tell Name Mangler to perform the operation.




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