AptDiff 1.6.1 Build 33

Brother Technology Inc
1.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
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AptDiff 1.6

AptDiff is a visual text / binary files comparison and merging utility for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.  It is highly useful for web designers, software developers, and other professionals.

AptDiff features a double-pane view that allows for side-by-side comparisons, with customizable color-coding indicating whether each line/byte is added, deleted, or changed.  AptDiff can also export the side-by-side comparison to a nicely formatted HTML page for publishing on the web.

AptDiff can be installed on FLASH or other portable drives.  All user configurations are saved in the movable drive.  You can carry AptDiff with you wherever your travels or business take you and run it on almost any computer.

General Features:

  • Compares directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Easy navigation through the differences.
  • Automatically detects file changes.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Adjustable pane splitter with smooth synchronized scrolling.
  • Synchronized horizontal and vertical scroll.
  • Command Line Support.
  • Automatically move to the first difference when loading.
  • Merge all for text comparison.
  • Switch the comparison type between text and binary.
  • Add the shell menu items ("Select First Item to Compare…", "Compare As Text", "Comapre As Binary") if enabled in options.
  • Multilingual User Interface, now support English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese (Options | UI Languages).
  • Customize Toolbars.


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