AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick! 3.0

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AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick! 3.0

AtomicRobot Find-It-Quick 3.0 is fast compact program that saves and displays any information you want to store and remember.  There is nothing to install!  Simply run the executable file!   Setup a shortcut to this executable and you are ready to go!  The program allows you to create 20 main topics, each with up to 20 secondary topics per main topic.  In version 2.0, we added 5 pages of storage.  In version 3.0 we added a new search feature.  Each page stores 20 main categories, each with 20 sub categories!  For each item you store, you can save a URL and a block of text.  Each may be easily retrieved and copied to the Windows clipboard if you choose. 

The data saved by this program may be saved locally, on a network, or shared among several users.  Click the program’s HELP button for instructions on sharing data and changing data.  The best thing about this program and is that it is FAST and EASY to use.  If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to turn off User Account Control (UAC) – click the Help button in the program to find out how to do that – it’s easy!

Simply save the file, set up a shortcut to it and you are ready to go!



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