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Automize - Requires JRE Automize - Includes JRE

This is our flagship product.  Automize is the leader in multi-platform (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux) advanced task scheduling and automation software. Automize is a task scheduler and automation software that can automate a variety of tasks, including ftp transfers, ftp monitoring, web downloads, web site monitoring, email checking and sending, telnet, ping, directory monitoring and more. You can choose the task from one of the many categories and then customize it to your needs. Automize contains several pre-configured tasks, not commonly found in other applications, this includes automated SQL database queries, support for MS Office tasks, CGI testing and more. All of them offer a simple template that you can customize.

Features of Automize

* Email Notification for all tasks based on task exit code.

* Dynamic variables are supported for most tasks.  Most tasks also generate variables which can be used in other tasks.  Create advanced automation solutions using our Automize tasks in conjunction with variables, directory/file monitors and our task chains. 

* Command and Windows Command tasks can run your batch files, scripts or executable programs.  It can also terminate them or obtain their exit codes for use in other Automize tasks.

* Chain Task Integrator includes Commands, database SQL, check email, FTP, Web downloads, send email, URL spider downloads and monitors, telnet, ping, copy, print files etc..  Run multiple programs, commands, FTP, email, web downloads etc.. in sequence with options depending on Exit codes.

* Scripting: For advances users, you can develop scripts that reduce repeated, laborious computer-related activities. You can also create complex automation scripts which build upon existing Automize tasks.  Automation scripting features are available in Automize Professional and Automize Enterprise versions. 

* Automate FTP to/from an intranet or internet server. Schedule FTP of files between your PC and the server and automatically rename the files based on current month, day or time if needed.  FTP supports wildcards (*). Transfer multiple files at once.  Supports FTP logging and can be used as an FTP daemon. Secure FTP module is available as an add-on.

* FTP Command task can run RFC FTP commands in sequence.

* Schedule downloads of your favorite sports, weather, news or entertainment web page from the internet. You can automate downloads to a local filename based on the current month, day, or time for archiving. Web downloads supports Proxy Authorization for folks behind proxy servers.

* Monitor websites for any updates.  Downloads any web page that has been modified.

* Check email and download email with attachments.  Only messages meeting user set subject, date or sender conditions are downloaded.


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