Chiizu Event File Workflow 4.06

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Chiizu Event File Workflow 4.06

Chiizu Event File Workflow is an easy to use program for managing files (images as well as any other file type), and subfolders in a dynamic environment.

You can set up any number of Actions which can monitor a subfolder or disk drive (including removable media like compact flash or USB camera connections), and perform file manipulations on target files including renaming, rotating JPG files based on EXIF information and sending files to external applications for further processing.

You may also perform actions on files within subfolders and can manage these subfolders as well – copy, move and delete.

Chiizu Event File Workflow also supports several different Action scheduling options – continually processing the actions, at application start or shutdown, at a particular time, at a timed interval or on a user initiated command (via a menu).

The main actions are:

  • delete, move and copy files.
  • move files from media – this is commonly used for moving files from memory cards or cameras.
  • delete, move and copy subfolders.


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