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doubleTwist Beta

doubleTwist enables developers to customize the way in which it interacts with devices. Most of the knowledge about a device is declared in an external XML file. These external XML files are called device adapaters and allow customization of device identification, the folders to which media is synced, folders to search when browsing media, decoder capabilities, and encoder settings.


  • Buy Amazon MP3s. Search and buy from Amazon’s library of over 10 million songs (US only*).
  • Plug and Play. Enjoy your music and videos on an Android phone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, PSP and hundreds of other devices!
  • Download and watch. Download and convert free videos to watch on your device.
  • doubleTwist supports hundreds of devices, from the Droid, Palm Pre and BlackBerry to the PSP. 

A "catch-all" device adapter exists to provide base support for any device that isn’t explicitly identified and customized by other device adapters. It is limited to audio and image support and defines the following behavior:

  • The entire file system of the largest storage card is searched for media when browsing the device in doubleTwist.
  • MP3 files can by synced to the device without incurring a transcode (bitrate: 20 – 320 kbps, 1 or 2 channels).
  • Audio files that require transcoding will be transcoded to MP3 at 128 kbps, 2 channels.
  • Video is not supported.

New in this Version:

  • Podcasts
  • Library sorting issues fixed (sort by original track number)


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