Fast Windows Hider 3.9

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Fast Windows Hider 3.9

First at all you should choose windows which you want to be hidden. Second action press hotkey (SHIFT+F12 by default) or click on the icon of Fast Windows Hider in the tray. And all windows which contain in Hide list will be hidden. For unhide windows press the same hotkey (SHIFT+F12 by default) or click on the icon of program. All windows will be restored without any loss. For test Fast Windows Hider in main dialog there is Hide/Unhide button.

Main dialog contains two lists List of current windows and Hide list. In List of current windows there are all windows which are now currently open. In Hide list are windows which you chose for hide. Type any string of title of windows in Hide list. If all right the names of these windows in List of current windows will change colour on blue. At this way you can hide the group of windows which have common string in the title. Just type this common string. For example: type «internet» and all windows of Internet Explorer will be hidden.

Main Features:

  • Instantly hide and unhide any windows
  • Restore all windows exactly to the same state
  • Very easy interface
  • Hide groups of windows
  • Automatically refreshing a list of Opened windows
  • Small size of the program
  • Low system requirements
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Work invisibly


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