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FileWatcher 2.7

File and Folder Watcher continuously monitors one or more folders for new files. When new files arrive, File and Folder Watcher then triggers a custom action, such as running a second program with the new files.

This can be used to:

  • Process incoming FTP files
  • Automatically distil PDF files
  • Data mine incoming files with TextPipe Pro, also from DataMystic
  • Process email attachments when they are saved to disk
  • Load new files into a database
  • Quickly and easily trigger business processes when files are created
  • and much more.

Files are only processed when they have finished being written to disk – so huge video files (100MB – 10GB or more) will not be processed prematurely.

Files that already exist when File Watcher starts can be processed- this is very handy to pickup files that might have arrived while FileWatcher was not active due to a system restart.

Incoming files can be processed individually, or grouped together. File Watcher can process only those files that match a filespec (e.g. ‘*.txt;*.html’) and ignore all other files that might arrive at the same time. It can also watch multiple folders at the same time (subfolders are handled with a checkbox).

File Watcher can also prevent triggering new actions while an old action is still running. File Watcher can be configured to watch for new files, updates and deletes, or any combination of the these.

New in this Version:

  • Now handles log files that don’t have a full path specified.
  • Now the complete command line of each invoked command is added to the log to
  • assist debugging.
  • Fixed double-click of settings file under Vista, W7.


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