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Index Files Search Words 6.65

Index Files Search Words is for indexing — and subsequently searching quickly — text files, HTML files, XML files or files of a similar type in folders and their subfolders on a hard disk, memory stick, CD-ROM or similar storage medium. Note that this software does not act on MS-Word .doc files or Adobe .pdf files (which are binary files) or on HTML files on a server. It is for indexing and rapid searching of text files (or similar) on your PC or on CD-ROM, etc.

This software does not simply create a list of files or simply search for character strings in a file. It indexes every word in every file, and any file containing a particular set of words (or any of those words, or an exact phrase) can be found by searching for those words (or that phrase).

Possible uses for this software:

  1. Searching a single file.
  2. Searching the source files of your website (on your PC).
  3. Searching the chapters of a book or the sections of a report.
  4. Searching the HTML files on a CD-ROM.


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