NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.60.3

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NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.60.3

The latest evolution in Remote PC support and desktop management. Monitor multiple systems in a single action, deliver hands on remote support or interactive training. Gather real-time inventory and system data. NetSupport Manager provides the ability to support Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and mobile devices all from a single console.

Designed to operate over your network, via mobile communications or the internet securely without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single solution for remote support. Adding to traditional Remote Control capabilities, NetSupport Manager also provides a range of supporting tools to aid in support, including dynamic Hardware and Software Inventory reports, Systems Management tools, full Audio support and even the ability to show an Operator’s screen in real-time to any number of connected systems as an integrated training tool. NetSupport Manager includes full support for 32bit and 64bit Vista systems.

NetSupport Manager combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels of ROI available on the market today, specifically in improving user productivity, customer satisfaction and organisational flexibility. With over 7,000,000 systems worldwide supported by NetSupport technology and over 20 years development, NetSupport Manager is a proven solution for any environment.


  • Remote Control of a PC
  • Monitoring Systems with Interactive Thumbnails
  • Hardware and Software Inventories
  • File Transfer and Distribution
  • Explorer Desktop Integration
  • Remote Desktop (RDP) Support
  • Remote Deployment
  • Show Function
  • Scripting and Scheduling
  • Power Management
  • Printer Redirection
  • Chat and Audio Support
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Launch Applications
  • Messaging 

It allows you transfer and manipulate files between workstations using a simple "drag & drop" interface. Synchronise directories on two workstations or edit files and attributes directly. NetSupport Manager utilises intelligent "Delta File Transfer" to reduce data transfer times when overwriting files that already exist by checking individual blocks of data within a file and only transferring changed data. This feature is enabled by default and applies to all file types. The performance benefits are most noticeable on slower connections.

NetSupport includes a powerful Scripting Language and Scheduler that allows you to automate the tasks you would normally perform repetitively in the NetSupport Control and run them at a time when most convenient to you. Scripting contains a wealth of Desktop Management functions including the ability to interrogate Clients and retrieve information such as free disk space; what operating system they are running.

You can even use NetSupport Scripting to distribute applications by using a combination of File Transfer, Remotely Execute Applications and edit the Registry. In simple terms, anything you can do manually with NetSupport Manager, you can do automatically with NetSupport Scripting.



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