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Smart Turn Off COMputer 3.7.0

Smart Turn Off COMputer is a powerful Windows control program that brings a new level of safety and security to your PC. Instead of buying, installing, and learning to use a half dozen utility programs, Smart Turn Off COMputer has integrated the cleanup of your browser and cache, file shredding, file and folder backup, and system shutdown into a simple, intuitive program.

Smart Turn Off COMputer’s cleanup functions can remove all of your Internet history from your computer. It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and all popular Internet browsers. The program can remove your passwords, autocomplete information, caches, history, search terms, URLs, and download lists, so nobody can learn what you’ve been doing on the Internet.

If you share a computer with business colleagues or family members, you can create individual cleanup settings for each user, and for each Internet browser. File shredding is performed to the US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220-22M shredder standard, ensuring that your personal information will be safe and secure. You can even shred your Recycle Bin, temporary files, and Internet cache.

Smart Turn Off COMputer’s backup operations are so simple, you’ll actually start doing backups regularly. The program can schedule a backup of your important files and folders each time you shut down your computer. Simply drag and drop the files and folders to be backed up, and Smart Turn Off COMputer will remember which information to capture each time it performs a backup. If you ever need to restore your data, it’s as simple to recover your backup files as it was to create them.

Smart Turn Off COMputer offers seven ways to ensure that your computer gets shut down, including clicking an icon and setting a timer. The program can shut down one computer or all of the computers in your office, so you never have to worry about people casually looking at your files and folders after normal work hours.

As computers age, their hard drives become less reliable. Smart turn Off COMputer’s BackUp At ShutDown feature ensures that all of your critical files are backed up before your computer powers down. The program takes the stress and tension out of working with older computer hardware by ensuring that you’ll always have current copies of your important files and folders.



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